Nano-Amplified CBD

Nano CBD Relief Patch (3 pack)

Price is available upon request

New Delivery System, Same Trusted Formulation

Continual Release: Formulated for long-lasting effects
Targeted Relief: Alleviate discomfort at the source
Fragrance-Free: Formulated to be gentle on the skin

(2 patches per pack)

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SKU: BN-856-203Categories: BioNan-X, CBD Patch

BioNan-X Nano CBD Relief Patch combines the power of CBD with water-soluble nanotechnology to deliver faster, more effective results at a lower dose. With our patch, healthcare providers can offer an alternative to opioids and NSAIDs without their side effects or complications.

Features & Benefits:

    • The Relief Patch provides a slow and steady dose of nano-amplified CBD that targets the affected area.
    • The new continual release delivery system utilizes BioNan-X Medical’s proprietary water-soluble nano-amplified CBD.
    • More effective results at a lower dose.
    • Third-party testing with Certificate of Analysis (COA) confirming product purity and potency.
    • Lower risk of side effects compared with opioids and NSAIDs.


12 mg Nano CBD per patch .26 Delta 8, Hydrogel.

Third-Party Laboratory Testing with “Track and Trace”Confirmatory third-party lab testing is a key element of our “track and trace” system and confirms that our CBD products are exactly what we claim. We employ lab testing at all major stages including harvest, crystal isolate production, nano amplification and finished product. Each product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure product quality, consistency and purity documented by a Certificate of Analysis (COA) by product lot. The COA documents the chemical make-up, ingredients and purity of cannabinoids and other compounds, as well as ensure legal limits are met. Our testing also measures potency and ensures pesticides, residuals and pathogens are not present.

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